Road Life

View from our hotel room

Our time in Louisville is coming to a close. The opera opens this weekend (only two shows, Friday and Sunday) then we are off for a cross-country drive to Utah on Monday. We like Louisville as there are some very cool little neighborhoods, but since we keep going to see friends in Indiana, we have not explored as much as we typically do. I am also very sick of eating out, which is how we do a lot of exploring. Since our two months away are almost up, I thought I would list a few good things about being on the road so I can remember for the next long time away. I look forward to being home in December but poor Brian has a crazy month with Messiah performances in Indianapolis and Jacksonville, FL and he is going to NYC probably three times before Christmas for auditions. It is good he is working and I am glad he can be available for some auditions. I just hope all the travel will not make him sick.

The first good thing about road life: improvised toys.

Colin loves the dishwasher, and the other day before his bath (hence the nudity) I quickly unloaded and planned to load the dishes while Brian had him in the bath. I turned my back for 2 seconds and he pulled out the whole rack and was running it along the floor. The rack even got a bath with Colin this day.

Colin also has a love of getting in the cupboards (and unscrewing knobs if he can, note the lack of knob on the left). The next photo is from North Carolina in March. He has lots of hiding places where we are in Louisville. We hope that our constant travel in Colin's infancy and toddlerhood will make him a very flexible little guy and not just a restless spirit. Brian and I knew that our children would be somewhat of a social experiment.

Other good things:
- It is nice to only have what we can fit in our little Toyota or in our airline luggage allowance. This is nice for laundry when we do not have easy access to a washer/dryer. When we do not have much, we usually have only 2 loads a week.
-The actual toys we bring for Colin really get played with, whereas at home he has so many toys it is hard to know where to start.
- We do love seeing new places and exploring. And since we are usually somewhere for 3-4 weeks, we have the time to explore.
-The opera schedule makes it possible for LOTS of family time. Colin and I are very spoiled to have Brian around a lot. The most he has rehearsal is usually no more than six hours a day,and six hour days are rare. Colin loves having both parents available to him most of the time. Since we usually do not have many friends when we travel, it is nice for me to have Brian available. Good thing Brian and I like spending time together.
-We don't mind having our hotel apartment magically cleaned when we're out. Housekeeping even does the dishes. We are very spoiled.

-Brian is making a living by singing. He has had a great year and a half since he graduated, thanks to his great agent (hi Kristin if you still read this).

I am sure there are more things. Maybe I will have Brian add to the list when he wakes up.

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  1. Mrs. Hass-Bark said...
    It's lovely to hear such a positive spin on road life! I'm sure it's not all fun and games, but your family seems to really take advantage of this opportunity. You're my traveling heroes!
    Kristin said...
    Yay, I got a blog mention!

    I'm just happy that you guys make the most of road life and seem to really enjoy exploring and getting to know each place.

    I SO wish I could get away from auditions to come see Dialogues, one of my favorite operas ever (and the wonderful Emily Pulley is there too). But I am running like a mad woman in NYC right now.
    malia said...
    you really do have such a fun life right now and i do think that you are making the best out of it and i love it. how's that for a run-on sentence? i love the improvised toys and i am begging brian to come and visit me when he is here in nyc! pretty please, brian?

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