Louisville, KY

(not our photo, but we will get some up later.)
We arrived to Louisville on Monday after a somewhat hectic but went as smooth as possible departure from Kansas City. Brian had his last show on Sunday afternoon (which I think went as well as possible, I will have to have him comment more). We then had an 8 hour drive to get to Kentucky. We split the drive in half, getting just outside St. Louis late Sunday night and then up early the next day to make sure Brian would be available for his first commitment around noon on Monday. The drive through Southern Indiana was beautiful with the rolling hills and Fall colors and made us remember how much we loved living near here.
Poor Brian had to run right to a full day of rehearsals/patron event while Colin and I recovered from travel. We are in a lovely hotel right on the Ohio River, in a huge apartment. The apartment is seriously at least 1800 sq. feet, two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, big kitchen, washer/dryer, two other rooms, balcony looking out over the river, large dining room table, etc, etc. We keep getting a little lost here since our living space has increased by about 400%. But the large living space means room for guests! Sue Anne (www.pieofthemonth.org) and Meta-dog came down last night and are still sleeping. We are luck because Sue Anne is relocating to Scotland in January so it is nice to have some extra time before she leaves the continent. We are SO happy to be near former friends, and we will be spending a great deal of Brian's time off in Bloomington. This time will remind us of when we lived in one place and had friends.

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  1. Mrs. Hass-Bark said...
    Hooray for guests! Especially guests with great dogs and mad pie-making skills.

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