Bosque de Chapultepec

We walked down to the Zona Rosa from our hotel because we are moving into an apartment there on Saturday and wanted to get a preview. It turns out we will be close to the Bosque of Chapultepec, a large park with several important museums. It is a lovely area, and we will be able to buy lots of lucha libre masks. I think a lot of people will get lucha libre masks for Christmas this year.
Part of the Altar de la Patria (more photos below) Brian asked if Mexico knows the USA likes to claim the eagle.
You know you are in Mexico when Burger King gives jalapeno salsa with the catsup. I wanted to take one more photo of the sauce, but Colin had other plans for the packet. We were offered chile sauce for some popcorn we bought. Last night we went out and found some real Mexican food and the guacamole and salsas were great but much hotter than we are used to. Brian had me ask for some sour cream to tone things down.
The next two photos are more of the Altar de la Patria. I should learn more about it before I make comments as I am not very up to date on Mexican history. This is the most blue sky we have seen all week. It was a lovely day.

Chicharrones anyone? (Fried pig skin) I remember when I worked in Guanajuato, some people I knew liked their chicharrones best if it still had little hairs in it.

(I was feeling too embarressed to take a close up photo like this, but Brian said something like "Andi would do it for her blog" so I was brave. I mainly did not want to ask, but the vendor was away.)

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  1. Julie said...
    Those are great lucha libre masks!

    Yumm...pig skin, surprisingly tasty.

    I love your blog Anne, it is really fun to follow you around the world on all of your adventures, especially since you are such an amazing photographer.

    andi said...
    Rock ON sister!!! Just this afternoon I was thinking "Man - I need to get a better lens so I can take pictures of things I am too chicken to run up to from far away and then crop them later like Anne does." What more can I say than being a blogging maniac is a lot like being a missionary. You just have to be bold.
    Ann said...
    My mission really did prepare me for so many life-skills, like blogging. I think in Spanish it was valentia, no? Now if only I were also sharing a gospel message with my photography victims. . .

    It is kind of obvious I do not have much going on, besides constant travel and trying to protect my 1 year old from constant attempts at self-harm. We are seeing so many crazy things, and so many cultures in such a short space of time. Just this month, we have been all over Israel, all over England, Chicago, and now Mexico. Poor Colin probably does not know where he will wake up next. Brian hopes we are not teaching him to be a gypsy.

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