We got a baby-sitter for closing night, so I was able to even go out with Brian after the show. It always feels strange to be without Colin, but easy.

Louise and Stefano, AKA Dorabella and Don Alfonso. Louise was lucklily alive to pose for this picture since she had a scary goat cheese salad choking experience at the restaurant. Brian had to do the Heimlich on her! She was saying the next day how she was getting quite panicked because no one knew what to do and when Brian asked if she needed the Heimlich, he seemed to just calmly push back his chair and slowly walk around the table. Sort of typical response for Brian in an emergency- he gets very zen like. Granted, Brian was sitting as far as possible from Louise and no one else knew what to do. (If Brian had not offered, I would have, but we were all in shock.) We were with an international crowd, and the other countries do not seem as well-versed in this maneuver. They seemed kind of mystified by it. Go America- with all your public awareness campaigns! So the problem piece of food was dis-lodged and she could again breathe. I was getting out my camera to take some photos right as she started to choke. At first I did not think things were so serious and I considered taking a photo, but did not. Louise did have us take a "reenactment" photo on her camera. I'll post it if she emails it later.

Paul and fiancee Siphiwe. They marry next month.

Favorite juice bar, still open at nearly 2am. It is a very late night city.
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