Plague of the Cicadas

We have been lucky to be in Chicago during the end of the 17 year cicadas. Sadly, I was lucky enough to experience them in Indiana a couple of years ago and I thought I did not need to worry about them for another 17 years. But Indiana and Illinois cicadas seem to be on different cycles. My sister said they are not as bad now as they have been, but they are everywhere and gross. Colin likes to step on them in his new light up sandals. (Crunch)

Not only do you have the huge live bugs, but they leave their shells everywhere, as you can see in these two photos. If you are interested, our friend has a recipe for cicada pie:
The Pie of the Month Club is one of our favorite things. They have great t-shirts and you can buy a year pie membership to get a crazy pie post card every month for a year, as well as a cool mug and membership card. It is a fun gift that gives all year long.

All that waiting for 17 years just to try and ensure a future population of cicadas. Where will we be in 17 years?
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