So we are back in Jerusalem. I am writing from our hotel in the Old City. We are right near Jaffa Gate, and it is fun to be right here. Brian is currently singing (and if I had a radio I could be listening since the concert in being broadcast, but the hotel only has a stereo for cd's, said the front desk). So the first couple times we came to Jerusalem we saw these signs everywhere that said 40. (I'll try to post a photo later. There is a great one right outside Jaffa Gate.) Being a bit ignorant about lots of political details around us, we had no idea what the 40 stood for. However, CNN made us aware that this very week marks the 40th anniversary of the Six Day War. (Great week to take your little family to Jerusalem, no?) The news coverage made me a littler nervous, but the day has been calm and we will just spend a half day tomorrow.

As it turns out, the concert Brian is singing in is all part of the Israeli Festival commemorating the anniversary. It is even more confusing because the concert is all very religious Christian music to celebrate a conquest of the Jews over Islam. Hmm. . .

Colin loves to touch old things. We had a private Jerusalem adventure after Brian left for the concert. We walked to Zion's Gate, looked at some kitties (Colin LOVES kitties) and then Colin ran free in a plaza for awhile. There were other kids running around who he was very interested in.

I love a walled city.
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