Palacio De Bellas Artes. The production opens here in a little more than a week.

The angry sugar workers are out again. This time not a single one seemed to feel underwear would be warranted.

Colin thinks naked bums are funny.

tee hee...
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  1. andi said...
    Anne thinks naked bums are funny.

    I think you and I should get together for a kid crazy tour of the 8 wonders of the world.
    Ann said...
    I am all for an 8 wonders of the world tour with you and family!

    And Brian would not let me take any protest photos from the front, which in retrospect was really the right thing to do (or not do). We have probably traumatized a few of our nieces as is with the naked bums.
    april said...
    i think naked bums are funny too, colin! i must say i enjoy all the surrounding people in the photo that are looking - and is that woman running after them to get a photo too? i also liked the goose crossing the street and all your commentary (baroque + mexican is definitely out of control!). good luck on your quest for tres leches cake (is that the one soaked in cream?) sounds yummy.

    p.s. ann - love the hair!

    p.p.s. don't seem to leave many comments anymore as evan has become computer obsessed. it's hard to type when he keeps turning scanner on and off, etc.... but i do love reading and seeing all the places you go. thanks for keeping us up to date.
    rusted sun said...
    yes, it is probably a good idea that your tendency to take photos from the back won over this time. :0

    I do think the photo is rather cool though!

    I'm glad you are having adventures. I wish I were in Mexico City having fun with you guys!!
    rusted sun said...
    Why does only one guy have tan lines?

    And why are his tan lines only underwear tan line? Was he wearing a speedo?

    Why do all the other guys not have any tan lines at all? Did they do the the tanning salon together so they could look stylish at the protest.
    Ann said...
    Hey Alisa, I have looked at the bums long enough to also notice the guy with the tan lines. (If you click on the photo then you can see it REALLY big) Very funny. Check out too that there is a photographer (or tourist?) kneeling down in the middle of everything. I do not think she only took photos from the back.

    We wish you were here too!
    Kristine Cramer said...
    Hey there--Just thought I'd let you know that Marilyn told me about your blogspot. I check it frequently and enjoy the pictures and commentary. How long will you be in Mexico? Where next after that? Take care!
    Ann said...
    Wow- Great to hear from you Sis. Cramer. I suppose I'm all grown up now, but it still seems somehow innapropriate to call you by your first name :)
    I promise most of our posts don't include nudity, but the protesters were just too good to pass up.
    We are in Mexico until the 16th, then back in the states to drop off Ann and Colin in Utah, then I'm off one day later to Tijuana (of all places!) for two more performances. After that we will try to be still for a little while. Hope we can see you back in Washington sometime- but let us know if you're ever in Utah since we will be homebased there on the rare occasions we're not travelling. All the best!
    andi said...
    Anne- You and Alisa could start your own company called: A&A BUM LOOKERS! Please.
    Ann said...
    Hey Andi, it seems there was a time when we could have been AAA Bum Lookers, Andi, Alisa, and Ann.

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