This is a usual view of Colin's time in England. When he gets out of his stroller, he runs. This is outside the cathedral of Exeter and in Wells.

On our way to Exeter we drove through the Cheddar Gorge. It was beautiful scenery (although we forgot to take photos) and the cheese was also beautiful. This is what cheddar cheese is supposed to taste like. We got an oak smoked variety, nice and sharp and very smokey. It was a bit too strong for Colin, but we ate it in the car like little mice.

Brian and Colin in the cathedral.

Colin loved the organ music in the cathedral. He would even stop and listen for a bit. We went to evensong, but Colin wasn't too interested in sitting still for the music. Brian could hear little squeals from various points in the Cathedral during the service as I was chasing him around the nave. It is quite amazing and a little sad that they perform these gorgeous sung services nearly every day for about 15 or 20 people. We hope Colin was influenced by hearing the boy choristers. They sing with such incredible precision, it seems contrary to the nature of little boys.

The Exeter Cathedral was quite badly bombed in the war. We overhead a tour guide explaining how this monument was, as you can see, all in pieces but was put back together when they re-built. Only the cherub's legs were not found (you can see the different colored replacement legs). The epitaph is also a bit amusing because it states of this woman- "her mind possessed an energy which does not often mark the female character." How flattering.

We love Gothic architecture. After all the Crusader churches in Jerusalem (good if you like your religion dark and mysterious), the cathedrals of England seem wonderfully luminous.

Exeter Cathedral contains the longest true gothic vault in the world.


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