The long and the short

Brian has kept his long hair for opera productions recently. They did not want him to cut it in Tel Aviv, so long it stayed. It probably got even longer than this, since this photo was taken in April. We had heard that the current Barber of Seville he is working on was set in the 70's, so he was going to keep it long to see if he could avoid performing in a wig. But we since found that the opera is set in the 50's, and since Brian wanted shorter hair again anyway, he let the make-up and wig people at the opera cut his hair to look 50's yesterday. Brian thinks it makes him look more Mormon. It's also interesting for him because the cut is designed to be parted only on the left (there is almost a kind of combover element)- Brian finds this perplexing as all of his other haircuts have been bilateral. He can't really complain though because he gave them carte blanche.

The opera should be lots of fun. Brian enters for his first aria by driving a vintage car onto the stage. The Barber is a sort of Elvis character and there are lots of poodle skirts. I'll have to have Brian comment more since I am only hearing things second hand. Brian is the only native English speaker in the whole production, and they have had two weeks to get the show up. He says things are going well and they open July 1.
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  1. Julie said...
    I swear I have a picture of my dad back in the day that is a mirror image of this photograph, I'm going to have to find it now!
    Mark said...
    It wasn't until this photo and the shorter hair, that realized I had actually met you guys before when you visited Paul and Jeanie in Issaquah.

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