Wells is England's smallest city (if there is a Cathedral, it's a city- therefore, Wells, which by all other indications is a cute little village, is actually a city). It is one of our favorite cathedrals. The architecture is very clean and the sweeping cross supports going up to the vault (see below) are really unique and elegant.

This is the world's 2nd oldest clock, but the oldest with original working dials. Every 15 minutues, some little knights go around in a circle on the platform above the face and joust with each other. The same one always loses.

A bit of highly decorated vault in the Lady Chapel (dedicated to Mary). English Cathedrals usually save the most decorative elements for the Lady Chapel, positioned at the far end of the Cathedral. It's kind of like dessert.

The stairs up to the Cloisters chapter house. Worn by centuries of use.

Terry and Pat Box, the lovely people in Bristol who hosted us there- Colin's new British grandparents. Terry (left) was baptised when Brian was in Bristol on his mission. Colin loved them and will miss them.

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