Botanical Gardens

This morning we took a little walk to the botanical gardens in Chapultepec. Chapultepec is pretty much the source of all things recreation for us right now and we love it. The gardens were not huge like some others we've been to, but we loved the stained glass in the greenhouse.

We're not really sure what the function of this little pool along the side of the main greenhouse is, but it's pretty. Perhaps its function is to be pretty.

Nopalo cactus. The locals love to eat the tender young parts (after stripping the thorns of course). Brian had some in a quesadilla on the street with some of the Mexicans in the cast, but we think it may have been the source of some recent gastrointestinal distress- nothing too extreme though.

The color of this water has not been digitally enhanced. Perhaps the algae growing in this stream is being farmed by the botanical garden.
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