Last day in Chicago

We leave for Mexico in a few hours, but here are a few last shots from my sister's. We have had a very nice and relaxing time trying to recover from recent travel and getting ready for the next leg.

Mary's family has a new very sweet puppy. Colin loves dogs, and the two have been cute together. The puppy seems to be entering his teen years because at times he tries to love Colin too much.

Twin cousins with puppy.

Brian has been trying to get ready for the guitar part of Barber of Seville, and Colin likes to help him.

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  1. rusted sun said...
    I love that last photo of Colin. How great for him to have such talented parents.

    You guys are great.
    jungleprincess said...
    It's awesome to see the little twin babies so much older than they were when we were all in England!

    I am also sorry that you didn't have a camera when you ran into the nude artist. Maybe next time...

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