We love to blow bubbles while Colin bathes because they don't immediately pop on his soapy skin. He loves catching them and playing with them. This is to make up for the not as cute picture in the last post.

Note cuteness.

I call this one 'thinking it through' and dedicate it to Danal.

Not even bathtime can separate Colin from his favorite monster truck. It goes everywhere with him.
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  1. DanaLee said...
    How tender, a dedication to me. Sniff, sniff. I love it, and he is so dang adorable.
    april said...
    he's getting so big! and yes, definitely cuteness-meter is off the charts when it comes to colin.

    i never thought of blowing bubbles during bathtime. we'll have to try it.
    april said...
    ok, just looked at these pictures again. exactly where is colin's other hand in that last picture?

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