Pumpkin farm

Even though we are living in a hotel room, we still want some Jack-o-lanterns to put outside our door, so today we found a pumpkin patch.

Before we found these big wheeled toys, we weren't sure if the $5 admission was justified, but Colin had such a blast, and Daddy also kind of enjoyed it.

Colin especially loved the Hay ride- we were pulled behind a very impressive tractor (one of his favorite words).

You can barely see the cute little pumpkin Colin was running around with. He likes having his own.


  1. april said...
    sorry guys, but i can't see any pics and you know we can't miss out on our dose of colin pictures when we know they are there.
    Ann said...
    We will re-post. It seems like this sometimes happens. Sorry! They are some cute photos, but I am a little biased.

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