We spent yesterday afternoon in Independence, MO to look at some Mormon Church history sites, and as it turns out, some President Harry Truman historic sites also. Above is Clinton's Soda Fountain, where Harry Truman got his first job for $3 a week. We did not realize there was a soda fountain and we bought fancy root beers at another store a block away, but we did get some ice cream at Clinton's.

Mormon history includes LDS splinter groups. The Community of Christ, formerly the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has its headquarters in Independence and this is their Mother Ship. I do not know too much about their current beliefs, but we come from the same history.

On a completely different thought, I get fairly sad and lonely sometimes because when we are on the road, we have no friends. Even when we were in Utah, we were not very good at seeing old friends or making new ones. It is pretty lucky Brian and I enjoy spending time together because we see a lot of each other. Even when he is working on a production, we most likely see more of each other than married people with normal jobs. But I still miss my old friends. So when I was sad this week, I called our old friend Megan (pictured above mourning Brian's tragic stabbing death in a piazza in Florence) and told her how much she would enjoy visiting us in Kansas City. She bought an airline ticket that very night to come! We are very excited for her upcoming visit. I have known Megan and her sister Gretchen for almost 25 years, and Brian became friends with Megan in 1993 during our freshman year at BYU. Megan lived off campus, and as Brian and I were in the dorms, we spent a lot of time at her apartment. This did seem to cause a dilemma for Megan, as she was a Junior and she was hanging out with Freshman. We always tried to reassure her that we were cool Freshman. We are happy she still hung out with us, and 14 years later is still such a great friend to come and see us in Kansas City.

These are a couple of photos from when Megan came to see us in Indiana. She came to see us in New York City earlier this year too, but we took no photos.

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  1. april said...
    enjoy your visit with megan; maybe you could re-enact (?spell) some of thoe previous photos. did you go inside the mother ship? it was closed when pat and i were in independence.

    thanks for your comments. we wish we could get our families together more often too. i hope our boys especially are able to develop a good friendship in years to come. i loved your post about how much colin has grown in a year. it is amazing (and sad) how fast they grow.

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