I had intended to go out and take some photos on the plaza when the light was beautiful. However, due to Colin's previous commitment to Baby Einstein, I missed the light by maybe 20 minutes. So here are a few more evening shots, trying to make the most of what was left of the light. This area really is amazing.

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  1. andi said...
    Did you take these with a tripod or do you just have a really steady hand?
    Ann said...
    Hi Andi

    I am not traveling with a tripod (but I kind of want to pick one up). There was really quite a bit of light when I took these. I started at 800 ISO and went up to 1250 as the time went on. I was between f4-5 and I think my lowest shutter speed was 1/30 (but some of them were taken at 1/80 and even faster than that). Since there was quite a bit of light in the frame, I spot metered the lights and just saw what happened. (I love my digital SLR. Instant feedback is awesome). Do you know the trick of being your own tripod? Put your camera strap around your body and you can brace yourself similar to a tripod with your arms and even get down on one knee. (Ok, maybe I did not explain it well.) I usually can hand hold to about 1/20 to 1/15 fairly well, depending on the subject and if it is ok to be a little soft.

    You would love Kansas City Andi. Come see us.

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