The Plaza

To ensure the only views on our blog are not Thomas Kincade, here are a few photos we took today, day and night. This place is a little gem. We had a fun lunch at McCormick and Schmick's. I was then interviewed by the newspaper to get my opinion about women leads in Hollywood blockbusters. I guess some executive memo was leaked that women leads do not bring in the big money so they are not going to have anymore women leads. It seems a bit short sighted to me to make that sweeping judgment, but then we do not love Hollywood movies so much.

Then we slept most of the afternoon due to slight colds.

Brian took the camera from me at got this, using a garbage can as the impromptu tripod. I like the line the garbage can contributes. We will get some better photos at twilight one night so we do not have to push the light so much, but great photo Brian.

Sorry, not the graphic bums of Mexico.
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