Ok, so maybe I just need to get the product pushing out of my system, so here comes one more. (Is is obvious I do not have too much to do right now? I am working on getting some work ready for next month, but I just kind of hang out while Brian is getting ready to open the Pearl Fishers this weekend. It is a nice life, but a little strange for someone who used to do a lot of things. Anyway. . . )

Thanks to Colin's most recent adjustment to my glasses (below) and that these glasses were over 5 years old, cracked at the top, etc, it was time to get new glasses. We need to be very careful with our glasses around Colin because he is not the most gentle eyeglass handler. I prefer to think of him as our eye wear destroyer. One of our last days in Tel Aviv, he broke Brian's glasses. Lucky we lived next door to an eye wear store and they were able to fit Brian's lenses in a new frame (for about $175). As Brian is nearly legally blind, we were glad we could at least save the expense of new lenses and all.

So, my old college roommate Ruth told me about Zenni Optical, http://zennioptical.com/cart/home.php They offer complete eyeglasses from $8. We were a bit curious, and even if they were horrible and impregnated with lead, at least we would not have put too much money into it. I had been carrying around my eyeglass prescription in my wallet since I had an exam in March, but I never had time to actually go somewhere to get glasses.

I chose two frames, both from the $10 selection. I also got sun glass clips (extra $4 a frame) and shipping is a flat fee of about $5. I got my order in one week and here are the results:

They seem like great glasses, and for $30 for two pair, I could not be happier (sure beats $175 for frames alone in Tel Aviv). One pair needs a little frame adjustment, but the prescription feels fine and they are well-made glasses. Brian wanted to wait and make sure the glasses do not give me debilitating migraines before he ordered any. And Brian, being the double-checker he is, did some on-line research about mail order glasses. I'll have to get him to find the blog, but he found some guy who has dedicated an entire blog to comparing on-line glasses- he is seriously on some kind of crusade against expensive opticians. Brian is now excited to order too. His prescription is a bit more complicated than mine, so to not get coke bottle glasses, his glasses will probably be about $50 a pair. Still pretty great. And though it may seem tricky to order glasses without trying them on, if you have been wearing glasses for a few years you probably know what you like, and for not much money, why not try something crazy.

Maybe my brother Pat can find some new huge glasses (see http://hinckleyhouse.blogspot.com/2007/10/faves-from-pat.html). Anyway, just wanted to share the good deal. They have kids glasses too.

Again, I think the product endorsing has gotten through my system so we will be back to just posting photos of Colin.
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  1. The only one who writes anything said...
    I'm totally going to check them out! What a fabulous deal...You can never have too many pairs of glasses around when toddlers are roaming about...

    Oh, and as for Danal spilling the beans, you DO have comment moderation you know! You could have opted not to post it :) Maybe you just needed at good reason to spill the beans!
    Ann said...
    Hey Carolyn , definitely check out Zenni Optical. Brian just got a new eyeglass prescription today so he can order. He is very mad at the money making machine that normal eyeglass sellers are. I guess some of the technology for glasses is way cheaper now, but that savings is not passed on the the consumer. We say no! I am very happy with my glasses, and will probably throw another pair into Brian's shopping cart when he orders.

    And yes, we do have comment moderation and I could have chosen to not publish Danal's bean spilling, but I was kind of looking to share the news. I thought I might wait until 12 weeks, but 10 is good. It is kind of hard to think of adding a new one with a toddle under 2, no? The world must be peopled. (Remember when we took the bus to go see Much Ado About Nothing as 18 year olds, and Brian was even there. Oh happy days. . . )
    april said...
    i'll have to tell pat to check them out. evan is developing a good offensive eyeglass grab. that he smartly doesn't overuse, so his victims let their guard down, and then he's in for the grab again. luckily, being eyeglass free, i'm not one of those victims.

    i will have to have pat check out this site as he's been complaining about his current pair of glasses.

    finally, many thanks for the nod to my post about pat's glasses and being instrumental in passing the "joy" from that picture onto others!

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