One year later

So I am just kind of bored because I am letting Brian sleep in, and as much as Colin loves PBS Kids, it does not hold my full attention. (Since Brian is working, I try to be sensitive to his sleep at times. We both had a sore throat in the middle of the night and he really needs to stay healthy. It is a bit intense to have your job come from you body. We need to keep Brian healthy.) So I have just been looking at some photos and saw these two where taken a year apart from each other. It is fun to see Colin getting so big and to see his little personality take off. He is a funny kid, and I can hardly remember my life without him and Brian. I mean I obviously remember before them, but it is like they both were always there. Brian was always there since we met as teenagers, and I think Colin was probably hanging out too, wondering when he would be born.

Colin was just up from his nap here, hence the sleepy bag eyes.
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  1. malia said...
    What a sweet post. You were definitely meant to all be together... :)

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