Since I highlighted my favorite stroller in the last post, here is another plug (that I get to enter in a contest for putting on my blog). The plug is for topless undershirts from Blush. They are quite clever, like a tube top for your belly to add some length to your shirts without the bulk of an entire undershirt. I am looking forward to using them through my pregnancy and postpartum to cover baby belly and post-baby belly. And how great for nursing to have something covering your middle (or my middle actually). But they are not just for pregnant people! They have lots of photo examples on the website.

Today I wore my black topless undershirt quite successfully. Anyway, here is a link to an actually topless undershirt demonstration from their creators. I encourage you all to go topless.


  1. rusted sun said...
    I looked at the website and it looks pretty cool. Also, if you go on you can get 50% off.
    Thanks for the product push Ann. You are better than Oprah.
    april said...
    it's kind of funny that you posted this, as this company is owned/started by a friend of a friend (lindsey @ lovin' lubbock). anyhoo, i just read her post about it a couple of days ago. maybe it's a sign? covering/layering my belly area actually does make me look a little thinner i believe.

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