Farm and Fire

Our friends Amberly, Ivan, and Sam are visiting from Detroit. Amberly is an old friend from BYU, and her husband and son are new friends we met when Brian was singing last year for Michigan Opera Theatre. Sam and Colin are close to the same age and are very cute together (although Colin spent most of his time yesterday running away).

Here is Amberly and Sam. Sam only lasted about 1/2 a revolution on the horse and then seemed to want a Mommy ride instead. 1/2 revolution is more than Colin can stand these days. The first time Colin tried riding these little horses, he loved it. He did think he was riding a doggie. We have tried about 4 times to get him on a horse since but he will not tolerate the fun.

And another quick note about Amberly: there are many, many great things about Amberly. Just one of the great things is that she taught me how to breath fire. Below is Brian blowing a fire ball last summer. Sadly, the rest of our fireball photography is from film cameras and not easily available. We did some fun photos once where I think it was Amberly, Kristy Roser, and myself. Most of the photos look like our heads are on fire. ON FIRE!

Another time, we were blowing fire at the mouth of Provo Canyon with the Nuttalls. It was quite breezy, which at times blew out our matches. However, once John Nuttall lit up and blew a fire ball right as a big gust of wind came down and literally there were about 12 feet of flames coming out of his mouth. It was amazing. I think there was much screaming.
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  1. malia said...
    That is the coolest picture of the fireball! I want to learn how to do that! With my luck however, it would probably backfire and I would singe all my hair off or
    Kristy said...
    That is an amazing fireball shot. I feel honored to my name mentioned on the fire ball page. We did some more fireballs with Alisa at her house on 4th of July. Just think how many lives have been touched by fireballs because Amberlee taught us how.

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