More Halloween- early

Since Brian has to work on Halloween, we went to the Kansas City Zoo today for some of their trick or treating.

Colin was a little unsure of his pumpkin at first (we think the face was a little too much for him) but he warmed up to it when he saw people will put candy in it. And his monster truck is never out of reach.
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  1. april said...
    just have to say another great skinny pix! glad colin warmed up to the trick or treating. i remember when lily was that age it took her just a couple of houses to get the idea, but boy did she ever get it. she would get mad if grace went to the door before her and absolutely refused to let anyone help carry her candy bag no matter how heavy it got.
    The only one who writes anything said...
    I can't believe Colin and that truck! Seriously! That boy has got some tenacity. Why do you think he loves it so much? You would think he would want something soft to take everywhere, ha!
    Ann said...
    Hi April and Carolyn

    I am sad we cannot trick or treat with the CT Hinckley's this year. As Brian and I were somewhat raiding Colin's candy after the trick or treating (just eating the things that are not safe for him, you know, looking out for his best interest) Brian did comment that next year he may be a bit more aware of his amount of candy, so good bye parent raiding.

    And Carolyn, we have frequently wondered what it would be like to have a child who likes soft toys. We are just happy he is not obsessed with carrying around table knives anymore. I need to keep track of his truck pretty carefully because if he wakes up and we do not find it quick, well, you have an 18 month old so you can imagine how it goes.
    DanaLee said...
    Seriously Ann, April is right, you are rocking it these days. I should get knocked up so I could look so fantastic. Sigh. Apparently that adorable costume is a hit this year because I saw three of them at our ward activity tonight. Colin does wear it best though, D.A.R.L.I.N.G! Tonight as I ran my cauldron catch booth I judged the people in my ward based on the coolness v/s slackness and cuteness v/s why did you bother factors in their kids costumes. I figure that is better then when I judge them based on their kids behavior in sacrament meeting. Bwah!
    The only one who writes anything said...
    Um, did I miss a post about you being pregnant? I knew you were looking skinny (um, and hot :) ) but I didn't know it had anything to do with pregnancy. congratulations! When are you due?
    Ann said...
    Thanks Danal. No being subtle about family news with you around.

    And yes, I do think Colin wears the monkey well. We love the Old Navy costumes, even is lots of other people do also. We were also so happy because we got it just a couple of weeks ago and it was 50% off! Go 50% off!!

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