Barber opening

Also on Colin's birthday, The Barber of Seville opened. I was able to go, thanks to childcare help from some very nice people we have met. The photo above appeared in the Denver Post. For Brian's die hard fans, more photos (nearly 300 of them) can be seen here. If you look at all the photos it will be as if you went to the opera. The show was great, very well-received and a very funny staging of Barber. Everyone sounded great, Brian was awesome and very funny.

Brian, in character here as Don Alonso. I forgot my camera on opening but our Colorado Opera host sent us some photos. The orange wig was also a big hit. Barber is nice because it gives Brian some time to be funny on stage, not just hopelessly in love. (He also has a drunk soldier scene, so two chances to be funny.)
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  1. Brandon and Becca said...
    Wow, after viewing the 300 picture photo gallery, I feel like I was there... with ear plugs in. Wish I could've heard it! The costumes look fantastic. Brian,I've always wondered how you would look with fire red hair in a bob cut... AMAZING!

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