Happy Brithday weekend

Colin turned an entire 4 years old! Some very nice ladies and kids in our local church group here got together to eat some cake. He was very, very excited! Colin has only ever had one birthday at our home, and it looks like Jane will be 0/2 for birthdays at home. I used to feel bad for the kids but I realize they are maybe getting even more out of their birthdays by not being home. It mainly would be nice and convenient for me to have their birthdays at home sometime. We hope for many, many future birthdays that we can celebrate anywhere.

He is maybe starting to look more his age. When he was still 2, people thought he was easily 4+ years old.

He was so excited playing with all the toys and kids, he forgot he is potty trained. He came over to me and said "Mom, feel my pants." Totally wet all the way down to his socks. We did not see that one coming. He was unfazed (I thought he would be more upset, but nothing would get in the way of his birthday fun) so we stripped him down and got one of Jane's diapers slapped on his nakedness.
and now. . . photos of birthdays past!

2006 in Bloomington, IN. Good times. (I had Brian photo shop this photo fairly aggressively since I had just had a baby come through my pelvis and lady parts. It was a great birth, with Sue Anne and Susan there to help welcome Colin into the world.)

First birthday in Brooklyn, NY.

Colin's only birthday home, 2008 but we had to celebrate a few days early since Brian had a job in Florida. We had only been back from France for a few days and we were glad to get one more big lap child trip in before Colin became a full airline fare.

Birthday #3, North Carolina! We had a great time with Ms. DLF, even though it looks like she took us to a bar to celebrate Colin's big day.
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