Union Station

We wandered down to Union Station this afternoon, mainly to help Jane have a stroller nap since her try at a nap at home was not too successful. Stroller nap was a success. The weather has been so beautiful, sunny and close to 50 degrees. And I thought it was winter.

I LOVE these benches! How great would it be to do family photos on this bench? Maybe we could borrow a tripod and try to do something ourselves.

The telegraph office is no longer functioning.
We love all the old buildings in downtown Denver, and we try to cross the road diagonally when we can. Does the diagonally street crossing happen anywhere else? So crazy.


  1. Erin said...
    There are diagonal street crossings in Old Town Pasadena! Come visit them in person!
    Jet said...
    Totally hear you on the nap thing. I personally love the $10 nap. You know, load 'em up in the car to get them to fall asleep. Jane is super sweet in your most recent post. And Happy Birthday to Colin on Saturday!! Can't believe they are 4!

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