Packing Peanut Fiasco

The afternoon of Colin's cake party, a replacement tv for the large tv in our apartment arrived. The tv came in a very large box with an amazing amount of packing peanuts. Our kids thought it was the best thing ever, but have you ever tried to clean up several inches of packing peanuts, with a pre-schooler and toddler "helping"? It took Brian and I close to 2 hours to somewhat get things under control. Above is Colin doing a packing peanut snow angel.

Jane was just up from her nap and had no trouble jumping right in. We had Brian's manager over to visit and she was smart to leave quickly when things got packing peanut crazy.

Colin making snowballs. Until the last couple days, we had not seen snow in Denver so Colin was improvising.

Kind-of cute but such a pain! There was a trail of peanut in our hallway and down to the lobby.
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