A couple last photos from Denver, when both kids were wearing their fishermen sweaters (from Aunt Mary). I love the study in my children's hair color.

We need to work on a sibling shot. Staying still for a cute photo together is a little complicated for a 1 and 4 year old.

Jane enjoys some outside time. We arrived home safely late Monday night after some bad roads through Wyoming. We stopped and got two new tires in Rock Springs. As much as we grow to love places we visit, we love to be home. Brian has been further preparing for his new role (starting tomorrow, the Italian Girl in Algiers with Utah Opera). Jane has learned one of his arias also and sings right along.

She is an outside girl. We have had some ok weather for good play times.

Colin thought it was hilarious to get cracker crumbs in his clean hair from this bowl. He got a Batman sticker from the doctor for his well child check. At the doctor, Colin requested a shot (although none were required). I think his main motivation was a lolly pop that the MA provides post-shot. He is a great little doctor guy. Jane makes up for his goodness by being a complete doctor nightmare.

Colin discovered Brussels sprouts.

This little girl seems to know something we don't.
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