MORE birthday!

On Colin's birthday eve (the day of his cake party) he got a big birthday box from Nana. Very fun to get a big box with presents.

Colin on his birthday morning, getting ready to open Mommy and Daddy gifts. He is just a little excited.

We still love Dora and Diego. Jane can even count in Spanish.

Colin got an automoblox from his uncle's family for Christmas, and we decided to add to his collection. They are very fun. (See the left over packing peanuts in his hair?)

Since Jane got Dora's backpack for Christmas, he wanted to get Diego's rescue pack. We had to talk to him a few times before his birthday to re-enforce that it was just back pack. In Diego's show rescue pack can turn into lots of clever things and that was what he really wanted. He was happy all the same.

Jane with left over yogurt face. She also has enjoyed the birthday weekend.
I did not bring the camera, but for lunch on Colin's birthday, we went to Casa Bonita. Jane was a nightmare getting our food but settled down when we were seated. After the first cliff diver, Colin asked the simple and profound question of "Why?" He enjoyed when there was fire juggling and then diving, and he was just as excited to go to the dollar store after lunch.


  1. Brandon and Becca said...
    Wait... Rescue Pack doesn't change into a snowmobile, hang-glider, jet-ski, bicycle, ladder, hot air balloon, or jet pack? What a rip off! Cute pictures though! Looks like Colin had an awesome birthday.
    Jeanie Hinckley Rennie said...
    I love Colin's expressions in these pictures, you can feel his joy and excitement. Very cute!

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