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Brian helped me install a negative/slide scanner today and these are a few of the images I used to test the scanner. At one time in my life, I was good at organizing my film negatives. I have so many other things to do, but luckily I can do this while finishing laundry (I think I am on load 6 or 7 now and nearly done, and most of it is put away. The putting away of laundry is a major accomplishment for me.)
1994 with Brian, Gretchen, and Ted. I left voice messages for both Ted's family and Gretchen today. We are so lucky to have close friends from a long time ago.

Ted is going to kill me if he sees this. In the photo, for some reason he had put on my boots and was performing a musical theatre number with Gretchen while Jeff was trying to cook dinner. Somehow Jeff doesn't seem anxious to join in. All through college I had an enlargement of this photo in our apartments that embarrassed Ted. Sorry, but the photo still makes me giggle.

For a photography class in 1994 I did a portrait series of Brian. This photo was taken at Utah Lake. Here is a youtube clip from Brian's cello career where he is practicing with a trio for a chamber music competition.

Checking out how the scanner handles positive images, a slide from Costa Rica in 1993. It was a photo, then I made it into a slide for outreach presentations I used to do about Coast Rica in local schools. I always liked this photo. Anyhow. . . just wasting time doing things that do not really need to get done, but happy about the scanner (much better quality than I have gotten from my flatbed scanner). My dad has thousands of slides that I hope to make digital copies of to see a little more of his world.
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  1. Erin said...
    Heehee, I love Brian's face in that top shot. I expect him to say, "Now is the time in Sprockets when we dance."

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