Opera for kids

Our host here with Opera Colorado kindly arranged for us to attend the student matinee of the Barber of Seville as a family. Colin went to a run through of this opera as a 4 month old at Glimmerglass, but has not been to the opera since. He was being his contrary self walking over to the theatre, not wanting to go. He was cute because after the act 1 finale, he wanted to see it again. Jane was cute because as they dimmed the lights, she folded her arms for a prayer. Our host lined us up with a nice box to sit in, so Jane and I sat on the floor for a while and watched Dora on the portable dvd player. Jane did very much enjoy the clapping parts. A couple of times when Rosina was singing, she was spinning around. The young student audience was amusing. When the chandelier dimmed they were all very excited. Once the word damn came up on the subtitles and it got a good giggle. Brian did some student performances of Barber in Dallas a few years back. The curtain call was very funny at those shows because with every chance to clap, the kids clapped and screamed all they could, then quiet, then screaming again for the next person.

Brian and the kids with Marrianne. She and her husband have been our hosts.

One more orange haired wig photo of Brian. The wig and make-up lady likes to hold his wig in piggy tails to make everyone want frosties. I got to go to the show again last night with my mom, aunt and cousins. It is a very fun show and great cast. We just had a little gnocchi fest with some of the cast, yum.

One more production photo, by Matthew Staver. Brian get to spend the first part of the opera in this beautiful blue leather coat, just to show he is not always in an orange wig. Also pictured is Lucas Meachan as Figaro. Good times.


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