Brian had a day off on Wednesday so we headed up to Boulder. We had not been there since John and Christina's wedding in 2004. Lovely little town. The kids enjoyed running around on Pearl Street.

I get lots of photos these days of Jane running away from me. She loved running into stores that had open doors. Charming.

Brian and Colin playing Billy Goats Gruff. Colin as the Troll.

Jane is not allowing me to pull her hair back and I do not know what to do for her. Even if I cut it, her bangs are just growing in so I just do not know. Hmm. . .

Colin loves to take photos of me. He is getting pretty good getting people in the frame, but I do not like his little fingers on the lens.

I had thought I wanted to see Brian in short hair again, but I love his pony tail.

On of the newspapers had tied gold balloons on the vending machines, which Colin took as an invitation for a free balloon. I was trying to tell him that I thought the balloons were there for something else but too late. He loves gold, but the balloon caused lots of problems between Colin and Jane in the car on the ride home.

As we were driving out of town, I mentioned to Brian how people in Boulder seem to have a very specific look. Brian said something to the effect that they all looked like they were ready to go camping at a moment's notice. We stopped to get some gas and I got this photo as an example. Strange things are still afoot at the Circle K.


  1. The Wards said...
    Ann I feel your pain on the whole hair situation! Katya and Jane have very similar hair and Katya REFUSED to have any hair implements until only very recently and she is almost 4. So I had to succumb to the bangs and cutting her hair to a chin length bob until recently. Now it is finally getting long and has all sorts of alternative styles. So they do grow out of it. But it sucks when you want them to look cute and smart!
    christina q thomas said...
    The ready-to-go-camping look is also prevalent in new england!

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