Good fortune in visits

We were very lucky to get home and have a wide variety of visitors from many places. The lovely Danille came from Indiana (sad, no photos of her, and most of the time I had to spend with her I was asleep on the couch due to my lovely sleep deprivation. Sad, sad). Sue Anne is here from Scotland working at the U of U for a while. We got to spend some birthday time with her, first, helping her assemble an amazing wedding cake and second, eating pizza and a special SAZ grape pie. Fun also to see Christina, Danny, and Eric. Only Susan could have made the day better.

Brian takes his pie crust very seriously, and this was some seriously good pie. My mom put together the grape pie filling since it is one of our favorites and we were in Poland during the grape harvest. We had been saving it for Sue Anne's birthday ever since we found out she would be in Utah during her birth month. If you ever have a chance to make or eat a grape pie, do not hesitate.

If only we could have taken her to the candy factory in Denver. We did this portrait of her a couple years back.

SAZ's extreme talent does not seem to fall too far from the tree. Her mom made this amazing window for her. This is only her second stained glass window. How awesome is that? I could maybe make a tic tac toe stained glass window, maybe.

We were also lucky to see Sue Anne's lovely California family. We rented a crazy house near their home when Brian was working with Opera Pacific in 2008 and they are a really great family. Thanks for playing Zollingers! It has been really fun to see everyone!

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