There actually aren't that many pink buildings in the Zona Rosa (where our apartment is located), but we thought this pepto bismol pink building would make a good introduction to the Zona Rosa entry. Plus, Brian went through a whole bottle of Pepto Bismol last week.

We looked around in the Insurgentes Market, which specializes in higher-end souvenirs.

Brian has become quite the photographer these days. I loved looking at all the silver jewelry.

Some very eager merchants got us to spend a lot of time at their booth by giving Colin some rattles to play with, and by letting us take this photo. The rattles were lovely but the price seemed to go up the more Colin enjoyed them. In a few minutes, he happily said bye bye to the rattles and we were able to walk away purchase-free.

I love Dia de los muertos.

We liked the cool color of this old colonial building.

On Saturday we went for a walk in what was apparently the tail and of a gay-pride parade, but we sadly did not bring our camera to document some of the more entertaining proudness. However, this mannequin is sporting a similar outfit to what several boys were wearing, although less colorful and with less body glitter. I never saw anything like that in the campo. Machismo and gay pride are not very compatible.

The Naked protesters have come to visit us in our own neighborhood. This time, most of them were wearing a picture of a senator's head in the front for a bit of modesty. I think they don't like the senator. Hope you appreciate the pixellation.

Home again, home again- jiggedy jig.

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  1. Julie said...
    Colin is the cutes little boy! It is funny to see the demonstrators and how personally convicted they are to their cause.

    Also, I think it is funny that you said "Home again, home again, jigga jig jig." You know when you were little how you thought (well at least I thought) you (I) made up Purple People Eaters and things like that. For example, my mother used to wake us up every morning by poking her head into our rooms and singing "Rise and shout the cougars are out!" You can imagine my surprise when attending a BYU football game and after a touchdown the whole crowd jumped to their feet and started singing my mom's song!

    Well, you've done it again!! Every time we arrived home from anywhere my mom would sing "Home again, home again rigga jigg!"

    What a fun reminder!
    nathanjasinskifamily said...
    Hey Stuckis!! We were in Mexico last summer and I got so stinkin sick. I hope you are faring better than I. When will you be back in America? Are you still in Indiana? If so, we have to meet up soon. I am glad you are singing all over the place. It has to be fun!
    malia said...
    I love the pictures! And I love the updates! You do some amazing things as a family. I am really glad that you are documenting it all!

    And Brian! I haven't seen you with shorter hair for ages!

    Love you all!


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