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I was thinking about our rooms with a view recently and looked back at some old photos. Above is our current view. We are near a bus stop and Colin likes to watch the busses. I heard him chatting to himself one day at the window about the good and bad busses. I suppose we should find out what the monument is at the end of the street that we can see from our window. (But we can't read the plaque.)

Here is our view from our third place we stayed in Paris. We had 4 different living situations in 4 weeks, which was a little intense. This was a great apartment at Cite Universitaire. Colin could watch trams from the window.

Our 4th place in Paris was a bit of a nightmare on some levels (former servant quarters although nicely re-done- very small with no kitchen table and a hot plate that did not even boil water and up 5 flights of little stairs when I was about 25 weeks pregnant with Jane). Good view though, Eiffel Tower and all. I also love chimney pots.

Here is our view in Mexico City from the high rise hotel we started out in. Protests were a nearly daily occurrence in the city center.

Oh Mexico City, why are you so big?

Our view from Tel Aviv. Our neighbors seem to need a jungle view.

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