After about a week of very gray weather, we had a beautiful Fall day yesterday. We met some friends from church and went to Wilanow, a lovely castle. (I will need to do a seperate post of the castle, too many photos). Jane always had two leaves in her hands. I can't believe how big she is getting! She is hard to take photos of these days because she is either running away or trying to grab the camera.

Today is rainy with a chance of snow. It was so nice to see the sun as it may be awhile until we see it again. The grounds at Wilanow were perfect for a sunny Fall day.

Colin stole his Daddy's hat. He has taken to calling Daddy "Bri" and it is naughty and funny.


  1. Amy said...
    What an adventure. I love the pictures. My son primarily calls me by my first name, unless he really wants something and then he calls me Sweet Mom Mom. Don't know where he gets it.
    Julie said...
    I love Fall leaves, gorgeous photos! Michael Anne called us by our names for a while too. I think she also loved that it was a little naughty but not enough to get into trouble! Silly kids.

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