Flowers for Mommy

We were on a lovely walk a couple of mornings ago, and we passed some beautiful flower vendors. Sweet little Colin really wanted to get flowers for me, so we got some of my favorite (statis). Our apartment has a very large vase and the flowers look lovely, bringing some needed color to our bare little apartment.

When we got home and I was putting the flowers in the vase, Colin climbed up on a chair and said something to the effect that since he was as tall as me and we had flowers that we could get married. Marriage must be a hard concept for a 3 year old. We talk about how we love each other because we are a family, but my answer to him about why people get married is because they love each other. So confusing.

We are still working on some fine details of loving each other because we are family. Colin bit Jane this morning, causing us to take away his chocolate milk, which caused an amazing crying time. We are still talking about it and hope a lesson was learned.

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