Brian blends in well with the Fall colors.

Colin is always finding sticks that become guns and swords. Poor little guy, we can't travel with many toys. Hopefully it is good for his imagination. We had a major catastrophe on the metro the other day. The day before Brian was approached to make a donation to some charity (and since they did the whole approach in English, he felt they had earned a donation). As a thank you, the man gave a novelty dice that lit up when you would hit it hard. Both our kids loved it and had a lot of time playing with it. When we were getting on the train, Colin dropped it on the train tracks as we were boarding. He was soooo sad, it was really heart breaking. We did buy him a cheap little doctor set since he had lost his light up toy, but it was very, very sad.

If only we had more bright days, it would be a spectacular Fall! We spent nearly two months in Seattle earlier in the year and the gray did not bother me so much as it can here. We did have a more comfortable living situation. (Thanks Jeanie)

Jane found a puddle and cannot help herself but to get wet. She is also a fan or sticks from her brother's example. She was wearing jammies as clothes this morning because we forgot to pick up our laundry the day before. A lady washes for us in the theater because there are no laundromats in Warsaw. It is a fair bit more than we would pay to wash it ourselves, but she does do a lovely job and everything is ironed, even my socks.

Pigeons beware.

When given the chance, she is off everywhere at once. She is such a funny girl.

Colin is off too. We had a great morning and afternoon, but the early evening and bedtime brought some pretty serious misbehavior from this little 3 year old. Hmm. . .

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  1. Karlyn said...
    Simply lovely Ann. Thanks for sharing. Sorry about the toy. It is amazing how attached the kids can get to such random objects :).

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