Lazienki Park (pronounced Wah-zhayng-kee, hence the witty title for this post) is one of the larger parks in Warsaw and it contains the palace pictured above along with a lot of other monuments and historic structures. We caught it on a nice fall day before the snow. We dedicate this post to James Nuttall, who loved Lazienki (he's still alive, by the way.)

Look at Jane's cuteness.

Thought this proto-greek amphitheatre was very cool. It would be fun to see a production here in the summer months.

Colin loved running all over the seating in the amphitheatre, and tried to make slides out of cement ramps- not so successful. The world is his playground, until he falls down and hits his head hard enough that you can feel the reverberation in the concrete from several yards away. Then 2 minutes later, he's running and jumping again. Maybe he needs a little helmet. (We better not let him hear us say that, or we'll never get out of buying one for him. He is very attuned to shopping opportunities these days.)
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  1. Dave said...
    You guys have such adorable children! What fun memories you're making!
    Kristy said...
    Hey, James here.
    I'm honored to have a Stuckipost dedicated to me. And way to go, I really miss Warsaw now. Did you guys make it in time for when they do the Sunday Chopin concerts in Lazienki? I guess that's probably just summer. There are a couple of things I remember about Old City that would be worth checking out to see if they still exist. One was a place you could go to watch the footage that the Nazis took when they destroyed the place. Its wild to see a documentary in which the royal palace is razed, and then walk outside and see it there again. The other thing, which is among my top 5 memories of Warsaw is this shop where they would serve long rolls that they punch a hole in and fill with stewed mushroom deliciousness--amazing, especially when its cold outside! Don't know how to tell you to find that one... better ask around.

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