Back in July, Brian started a big remodel of our bedroom space. Like all remodeling jobs, it took about 3 times as long as we expected. There are still several large details to take care of, but Brian worked really, really hard to create the above photo before we left. This will be very pleasant to come home to. The whole inspiration kind of came from a Sky Mall catalog, when we saw a bed with extra storage space. Thank you Sky Mall! How we love and hate you!

This is the long hallway to our apartment in Warsaw. It is really great to be in the theatre. When Brian has a 20 minute break he comes to see us, and it takes him about 2 minutes to get back to rehearsal. When we were in Paris, he rehearsed about an hour from where we were staying (making very long days for both of us). The theatre is huge (an entire city block) and very well located. We are mostly over jet lag and settling in. When I ask Colin what he likes about Poland he said he likes our new city and the toys at the parks. I am looking at a possible preschool, and a nice lady at the park today told me about another play place. And so goes our little life in Poland.
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  1. Laura Lee said...
    You're in Poland? That's awesome. My brother served in Krakow.

    Your bedroom space looks nice -- at least the picture does :)
    Jeanette said...
    love the new bedroom. it looks fantastic. and i can't believe it got finished WHILE making a mad dash for poland. very impressive. and the hallway is super shiny. how fun.
    Shannon Bousfield said...
    Just lurking...ever since getting to know you at the Zollinger's I've checked your blog to see how interesting our life isn't...anyway, love the duvet cover and we need a new one. Do you mind sharing where you picked it up?
    Ann said...
    HI Shannon, we have very fond memories of you from Zollingers. We got the duvet cover on for a pretty good deal and have loved it. If it is still there, it is worth it!

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