Jeep Park

Are the photos showing up? (No). I have posted twice, and now a 3rd time. This post just seems to not want to have photos. Thanks haunted post about Jeep Park. The park is in the boundaries of the former Warsaw Ghetto (extreme terrible history), maybe it has haunted my post. And now my photos added backwards and between a non-reliable internet connection and a computer that only works well sometimes I just don't know what to think. . . piece the post together if you like. (Brian will maybe fix it later, he has more patience for moving photos than I do.)

My time alone with the kids when Brian is rehearsing revolves mainly around our park life. We are very lucky to have two great parks in very easy walking distance. We call this one Jeep Park, and the kids enjoyed an unseasonably warm day there yesterday afternoon.

I did not think to bring sand toys on this trip as I did not know all the parks would feature sand for playing. The kids do love it, and I have only seen a handful of cats so hopefully we are not just playing in a litter box. Of course Colin has figured it is fun to jump off the sand tables, and little Jane is not far behind.

Since it was such a beautiful afternoon, we treated ourselves to a yummy waffle and Colin got ice cream. Poor Jane just got one of our last dum dums, but she did not seem to mind too much.


  1. MamaLuke said...
    Hey Ann! Photos not showing up. I'm saying only because you asked. =) Love the Polish Hooters story. Hope all is well.

    An old friend and I just went to the Salon of Shame, which made me think of you. I'm thinking we should go next time you're in town and do a reading...It is open mike, so the F bomb is pinging through my head. Unfortunate side effect.

    Love the blog!
    Brandon and Becca said...
    no, the photos aren't showing up
    Anne said...
    your photos on the Jeep Park entry aren't showing up for me! i want to see! i am glad you are finding fun places to explore!

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