Colin and Jane (but mostly Colin) cannot get enough broccoli these days. This was his lunch on Sunday. He did not let us put any cheese on it, just wanted a plate of cooked broccoli. They both also went crazy for green beans the other night when some friends had us over to dinner. Guess we are not getting enough green things.

Jane ate the broccoli soup Brian made, and that is some broccoli on her nose.
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  1. Vanessa Houssian said...
    I would ask "what on earth do you feed your children" do make them like greens, but I guess I know. Seriously, how do you get them to like greens? I get nothing short of tantrums if I even put them within 1 foot of their plate.
    Dave said...
    A love for green beans seems to run the fam! One picture my mom took of me at 18 months was of me sitting in a high chair, stuffing my face with green beans! :)
    Ann said...
    Brian started a while back with Colin when we were eating asparagus and saying, "there is no way you can steal my trees!" and the reverse psycology worked, he would gobble them up. Broccoli is like trees I suppose. Our kids also go crazy for soy beans, seriously, crazy.

    I saw a show on PBS recently that explained there is a gene that makes some people taste broccoli as bitter, obviously making them not like it. Seems like a lot of kids have this gene controling their eating.
    Dave said...
    Hmmm... Dan and Julie would say subjecting your kids to Veggie Tales is a sure fire way to keep your kids eating veggies.

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