Blue City

On a rainy, unexpected day off for Brian, he looked around on-line for good things to do indoors with kids. He stumbled upon Blue City, which I guess is Europe's largest mall. (There are tons of malls here. At home we rarely go to malls but it is an entertainment when traveling. On our second day here when I was feeling jet-lagged, lame, and American, going to the super huge Carrefour at a big mall made me feel like I was home a little. Very American of me to feel at home in a mega mart. Yes, very lame.) Clever Brian further looked all around on-line for an interactive bus map and he had us brave a bus to get to Blue City. It was a little tricky with our large stroller on the crowded bus, but the prospect of an indoor play place was too great. And blue is Colin's favorite color so he was intrigued to go to a Blue City!

The kids had a great time.

There were even some carnival-type rides that Colin loved. The little girl next to him did not love it. Thanks Blue City, we will probably be back as the temps go down.


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