Old Town Warsaw

Finally, some photos. We are lacking on the photos, and we have been here almost all week. Is today Thursday?
Colin, delighted to be in Poland. We have found two fun playgrounds and thankfully, one is about two blocks from our apartment. He has done quite well but is having a few little adjustment issues. I think he really misses having kids his age to play with, as he has been a little too rough with Jane at times. I need to remember to cut him some slack since he misses home. Travel with him may get harder and harder from here out.

Old Town Market Square, also just a couple of blocks from our apartment. This has mainly been recreated as most of Warsaw was destroyed in WWII. It is very beautiful and fun to wander. I took the kids on a walk here today and we learned Jane loves to chase pidgeons. She calls them doggies however.

View of the Royal Castle

Zygmunt's Colum, errected in 1644, so says our guide book.

Again, the Royal Palace and the monument above, from the other direction.

It is kind of fun to be in Europe again.

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  1. Erin said...
    Ann, I don't know how you do it, never settled in one place. Poland looks lovely:)
    The Wards said...
    Hey guys thanks for calling last night it was so fun to hear from you! We really hope you make it out to see us! Hope that life adjustment settles and you can make some kind of routine for the little guys. We always love your photos. You are truly living the life!

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