Before we left

Hello from Kobe, Japan! We arrived yesterday after a very long flight and we have the best little travelers ever. All the flights we have been on recently have had individual tv screens and we thought that would be the case on the 11+ hour flight from Seattle but no, no such luck. Thanks to the Dollar Store I had lots of surprises for the kids and they stayed happy and really just did so great. As we do not have any photos from Japan yet, here are a few I took the evening before we left.
Our kids have very much enjoyed the strawberry patch. They are great berry hunters and keep finding more after I thing there are no other ones.

Jane calls them "strawbabies" and she refers to the patch the rain forest. As we were finishing packing, she spent the day her jammies. (It was a crazy day.) She added a few head bands, Colin's Hawaii necklace, some flip flops and her toy backpack.

We are going to miss our home but are already having some funny times in Japan. Our hotel has lots of buttons for the kids to push, including automatic curtains and an extra bidet feature on the main toilet, and a real bidet. It is pouring rain and I found out that my rain jacket does not really keep me dry. We have the day to just relax before Brian gets started. Hope our kids can sleep later than 3am soon. . .

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