Sliding Extremes

After we ate some lunch at the zoo, we made our way back to these slides. There are side by elephant slides that go down 2 flights of stairs and are made out of polished concrete. So far we had only found very slow slides but these sent the kids flying. (Seems to be a land of extremes. In the fancy mall near Brian's work they have the super high tech toilets next to squatters, crazy.)

The kids loved it! They called it a roller coaster slide.

Going on his back was a little intense. He ended up hurting his ear a bit. Hitting the concrete is not fun.

It was a very hot day (everyday is hot) but the kids kept climbing back up.

Brian found he fit just barely.

We took the kids out to play again after dinner and this is how Colin ended the day. He is about at the height capacity for the stroller. Since he looks older than 4 he is quite a sight.

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  1. rusted sun said...
    That is one serious slide. Looks like fun.

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