Brian had a surprise evening off a few days ago so we got ice cream and went on a walk to Chinatown. This rehearsal period has been a little intense and while we have gotten to see Brian in the mornings, he has been gone everyday from a little after 1pm until about 10pm. I have just been wandering Kobe with my kids alone. Today is Brian's birthday and only his second day off in this entire production period. I know most women have their kids alone all day long while their husband's work, but they are typically not so far from home. And the time zones are not in my favor to talk to people for company so I have wasted way too much time on facebook and studying baby travel gear. At least we are in a nice apartment and there are some really great things that I would not trade but yeah, a little intense. BUT now that the show is up soon we have a lot more family time to explore together.
For now, enjoy the evening walk through Kobe. Brian took most of the photos as his night photography skills far exceed mine.

I think I have mentioned them before, but we are so in love with the parking garages! Most of my love comes from getting my old Fisher Price garage that has a car elevator and a turn table like this. We are in an area of many garages and they bring my kids and I so much entertainment.


Try to find Colin (hint: lower right corner)

Kobe is a maze of long indoor covered shopping areas, which are nice to escape the rain and the sun. I have read that shopping is a national pass time in Japan and I believe it.

Almost home, the shops are all closed for the evening.


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