Going Places

We brought my Mom's old copy of Going Places with us. I love books with many stories in them for traveling. We love Going Places because there are many stories about the country's Colin has visited.

After a very rainy day yesterday, today we have seen the sun! Colin is saying "Japan!" here. Somehow it made sense for the kids to have some naked art time after their bath this morning. We made it to 5am this morning (up 2 hours from 3am the night before). Jane fell asleep late in the day yesterday and she was not happy to have been woken up. There was a welcome reception for Brian's work last night and Colin fell asleep in my arms at the reception. One good thing about the 5 am wake up is a lot of family time before Brian needs to go to work.

We are on the 20th floor and it is a really great view. Lucky for us, we move to an apartment in a few days. 5 weeks in a hotel might do us in.

We took a walk down at the waterfront before we headed to Church.

Our hotel is right by an earthquake memorial. One of the signs said there was more than 40,000 casualties from the earthquake of the mid 1990's. Colin is a little nervous and at the same very interested in earthquakes now.

We are in love with all the vending machines! I get excited by them, so guess how much the excitement is amplified in a four year old.

Hello Kitty ashtray.

We are very close to the port.

Jane is getting used to her stroller life (she is asleep in it right now) but I need to get her out to run around some more. We have all too much jumping on our hotel bed right now since the kids need to get some energy out somehow.

We have been working on our quiet voices. When we received Brian's visa, the Consulate included a guide to living in Japan that included some great advice. It basically explained that to be polite to neighbors we need to not only refrain from making noise in the early morning and late evening but just to be quiet all the time. This is a bit of a challenge for our family.

Our kids' movie corner of the hotel room. On the left you can see our nightstand where there are many buttons that control lots of details in the room. These buttons all get pressed a lot.
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  1. Bonnie said...
    The vending machines in Japan made me laugh the first time I saw them. So useful! Enjoy your stay!
    Ann said...
    Funny thing, we have only seen about 2 Japanese people using the vending machines. It is awesome because Colin thinks he is getting the drink that is on display. When he bends down to get the drink out and he looks back up and sees there is still a display drink, it is magical.
    Kristy said...
    Isaac would be worried about earthquakes too. He is kind of obsessed with learning about natural disasters right now and he's convinced that every mountain or hill he see's is a volcano that might erupt. Your Japan pics are awesome.

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