Dangerous Art Time

Colin told me recently he has been interested to learn the secrets of thunder and lightning. During a recent morning art time, he was cutting out lightnings and he told me "This is a very dangerous art time." Colin loves the thunder and lightning guys in Fantasia.

I love small moments of playing well together. Playing together either goes really well or really horribly. No middle ground for our children!

The 105 yen store supplied us with some fun felt food for Jane. More often than not the strawberry is in her mouth. It is great to see the Japanese play food.

Speaking of food, I thought I was buying a hot dog in the store (the product in the red, blue, and green wrapper) mainly because they reminded me of how hot dogs were packaged in Poland. We found while hot dog shaped, they were a fish based product. Colin noticed the different smell but both kids ate everything. We have since found more traditional smelling hot dogs (we have been getting them on a stick, under the fish dog). We try to keep hot dogs to somewhat of a minimum at home, occasional Costco treat you know. It is nice to know the kids are getting some sort of protein. Some sort.
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  1. rusted sun said...
    Oh....I love the felt food. If I lived in the US I would have you bring some home for me. :)

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