Japanese Birthday

To keep with our "no birthdays at home" year, Brian turned 35 in Japan! Who knew getting a photo of two kids in party hats would be so hard.

We had a bit of a mis-adventure day. We intended to go to Kyoto but had a slow start and then grumpy kids. We went to the train station but it just was not seeming right, so we headed up to the hills above Kobe to a neighborhood called Kitano. And we did this in the early afternoon. It is so hot it is hard to keep band aids on our skin due to all the sweating. It was a crazy walk, very steep, but we found a playground with a place to re-fill our water.

She is determined.

And with a little supervision, she climbed up the chain ladder no problem.

Colin's eye was a little irritated but is much better today.

We climbed stairs to a shine.

Drank lots of water.

Climbed down stairs.

Kitano is really cute and we had fun seeing something so different.

Of course it is a sister neighborhood to Montmartre.

More to come, too many photos for one post.
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  1. erinannie said...
    Just had to leave a note and say I love reading your blog. Your adventures are so interesting! And Ann, I'm so impressed at how well you seem to handle raising kids in all sorts of changing environments. Also, Brian, you are a Dad Rockstar. It gives me hope every time I see you hands-on with the kids in a picture!
    Ann said...
    Thanks so much Erin! And yes, Brian is an awesome Dad. We can't do this forever but we will have fun while we can! Take care!

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