Getting settled

We are feeling like we have a little home in Japan and settling in fine. We really have a great apartment that helps so much. Check out the tub! This is its own little bath room where the shower is right next to the tub so we can close the door and the kids can splash as much as they want. The tub also has at least 10 buttons that control it, including not just one but two auto fill buttons (one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen, for when you are just too lazy to walk from the kitchen to the bathroom but you need to fill the tub).

Jane and Colin saved the plastic cups from their ice creams for bath toys. Also, this room has a drying feature so we can put wet things in and a couple hours later, they are dry. The kids and I got caught in some intense rain yesterday (you know the rain that makes you instantly wet all over?) so I even put the entire stroller in to dry. It was awesome.

We also love having a washer/dryer in the apartment! Internationally we have only had easy laundry once. Laundry is one of the more stressful parts of traveling abroad for me, as we get clothes so dirty. (Did you know there are no laundry mats in Warsaw?) This clever machine weighs the clothes to tell you how much soap to use and then washed and dries in the same machine. Thankfully the apartment management added a few English translations on the most crucial buttons for us.

Our friend from church tipped us off to a great dollar store not far from us (we never would have found it on our own) and it is one of the best dollar stores I have ever been to! Is it that we are closer to China so they send the best things here? I could not resist getting the Opera Glasses. The dollar store, or rather, the 105 yen store is very, very fun and I have already spent too much money there. I can tell we are getting settled because we are being way less shy and spending too much money.

I thought I had a good Engrish collection of stationary already, but my collection has grown by leaps and bounds and is really amazing. Brian got some very amusing Engrish t-shirts for himself.

On yesterday's rainy afternoon, we had a pretend Halloween. We watched Diego's Halloween special and went trick or treating to the dollar store, where we got very wet. We bought light sabers and hero masks for costumes. Brian and the kids are having a mighty light saber battle as I write this. I keep hearing Colin say "I cut your leg off!" and now they are cutting each other's bummie's off. The fight has moved to the balcony. . .

#4 and #5

Since Brian does not get back from rehearsal until after bed time, I am getting the kids in the bad habit of cuddling to sleep. I lay in the middle of the bed and we all have a nice quiet time at the end of the day. Our kids are having a really good time.


  1. Jet said...
    Jane is becoming so grown up! I love their blue eyes in their halloween costumes. They are so so sweet. When Ted's not home, I do the cuddling to sleep w/ all three, too. Me in the middle somewhere. L' asked yesterday if Colin "belonged to us". That is her way of wondering if he's our relative. Amazing how often his name comes up in conversation. Missing you guys! ;)
    Unknown said...
    Love those cards! I'm totally amazed at how they have all those buttons to do so many things there. Very odd. Do you think it actually makes things easier?

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